Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. With the onset of COVID-19 in the month of march normal learning was interrupted and with the current situation and prevailing conditions it will take time for learning to go back to normal and we must continue with our course to achieve our goals in life. 

As ICT learners and future gurus in the sector we must embrace use of digital medias and platforms to achieve our goals, it is to this effect that I have created this virtual learning platform to be able to reach out to you academically and to bring our class virtually.

Let us be the change and lead by example

Madam Edna

    Available courses

    Structured programming is a unit that aims to equip learners with the knowledge and practical skills of improving the clarity, quality, and development time of a computer program by making extensive use of the structured control flow constructs of selection (if/then/else) and repetition (while and for), block structures, and subroutines using the C and Pascal programming languages

    DBMS is a technology oriented unit used in equipping learners with knowledge and skills in storing and retrieving users data with utmost efficiency along with appropriate security measures to be practiced when using a database. 

    we will cover topics like the basics of DBMS and its architecture, data models, data schemas, data independence, E-R model, relation model, relational database design, storage and file structure among others

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